Liverpool SETI Web

Liverpool SETI Web

Welcome to our Team Page

The aim of the Liverpool SETI Web team is to help look for extra sentient life via the SETI@home project. The team is open to all, no matter where you are in the world.

The universe is becoming more open and visible to the human race and in these exciting times of scientific discovery, what better time is there to support projects in the astro sciences community! If you wish, you can also support human sciences.

The Breakthrough initiatives project is helping expand our knowledge of the universe and also through practical means via the Breakthrough Starshot initiative, there are lots of exciting new ventures ahead who would not want to be involved in the human races’ future? To learn more about the Breakthrough Initiatives project visit

Team communications will be sent via personal message through the SETI@home personal message system as the team expands. You can also follow updates via Facebook or Twitter.

Our social media accounts are.

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